Aadhunik Vigyan and team wishing Mr. Himanshu Chouhan for getting offer from Anchanto Software Pvt Ltd. A well reputed Multinational company from NIT Trichy campus. He is sharing his interview experience with us.
“We wishing you the best and plenty of success in your new job! Your hard work will definitely bring you a great fortune!”

I am Himanshu Chouhan, pursuing Master of computer applications from NIT Trichy.
Anchanto came to our campus (NIT Trichy) for Software Developer profile on October 2021.
It consists of mainly 4 rounds : MCQs + Coding + Technical + Technical and HR. Due to pandemic , all rounds were virtual .

Round 1 (Online MCQ Test):

Online Test was conducted on Hackerrank platform. Before the online test practice some questions on the Hackerrank platform. So, that you can be familiar with the environment .
All questions are easy to medium. It consists of 55 MCQ questions for 110 minutes and 15 minutes of login window. There are 2 section one is Quanta and Other contain technical questions on OS, DBMS, Network, Java (20 and 35 questions respectively).

Round 2 (Online Coding Test):

Those who qualified 1st round got link for the 2nd Coding test.

Online Test was conducted on Hackerrank platform. Before the online test practice some questions on the Hackerrank platform. So, that you can be familiar with the environment .
It only consist on 3 coding question( 1 easy and 2 of medium level) and 2 sql query (1 easy and 1 hard level) and given time is 3 hours. You should have a habit practice of all standard questions from GFG related to Data Structures and Algorithms in order to solve these questions easily.

Coding Question:

One is from leetcode of job scheduling: https://leetcode.com/problems/maximum-profit-in-job-scheduling/
Other is from Gfg https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/ways-to-sum-to-n-using-natural-numbers-up-to-k-with-repetitions-allowed/
Third one i don’t remember.

Sql Question:

How to find the product with the maximum discount using SQL on Hackerrank
Other is similar to this : My invoices table has orderId column which is a foreign key referencing orderId primary key column of orders table and orders table has customerId column which references to customerId primary key column of customers table. A customer can have multiple orders but an order has only one invoice.

Suggestions : You should be able to give the best optimised solution as the platform contains hidden test cases for all the questions. Moreover, you can take your time to frame your algorithm as duration of the test is 2hrs.

The one who solved at least 3 coding questions and one sql query got shortlisted.

Round 3 (Technical Round 1):

It was about a 45 minutes talk on hackerrank code pair, questions were basics but he covered all subjects DSA, OS, Network and DBMS. As expected, I started with a self-introduction. Then he started with Network and then move to DSA and then OOPS and then DBMS.

Interviewer also asked questions related to DBMS because i mentioned dbms and DSA is my interest, Interviewer asked some concepts related to Normalization and Indexing. Then he asked me to write two basic queries related to joins, limit and nth highest salary.

From DSA he asked question of Coding Test and one Sudoku puzzle solver(Backtracking) and some other questions related to OS and network mentioned below.

  • What is oops? What is its use?
  • Inheritance and types
  • Constructor destructor
  • Normalization, Indexing, Sharding, etc.
  • Dfs vs bfs
  • What are data structures?
  • Types of data structures
  • Array vs linked list
  • Doubly linked list and example and difference.
  • Merge sort and bubble sort brief.
  • Reverse string(explained two pointer approach)
  • Check palindrome(explained two pointer approach)
  • Some Linux commands
  • Protocols and its types
  • Project
  • Tree vs graph
  • Structure vs class
  • What is algorithm?
  • What is time complexity?
  • Deadlock, starvation, kernel, and their types.

I was able to give almost all questions except one query which i forgot of highest salary query.

Suggestions : It is required to have basic knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms to solve coding question easily. Moreover, interviewer look for confidence and way of delivering the answer . It is highly advisable from my side that stick to GFG’s coding practice sections, puzzles sections and also the core theory section for computer science fundamentals subjects.

Also during the interview try to make conversation with the interviewer. Think out loud and ask hints as well if required.

Round 4 (Technical + HR):

This round is about 45 minutes and taken by one of the senior manager of the company . It consists questions from resume, projects and Technical. Moreover there were some behavioral and situation based questions as well. Started with self introduction. Then some question were asked :

  • Tell me about yourself and About family
  • Strength and weakness
  • Why should we hire you
  • About anchanto
  • Product of anchanto
  • Conflict with you manager and how will you handle it.
  • Project and about internship( brief)
  • Which language you prefer for coding and why?
  • Long term goals
  • Short term goals
  • Challenges faced you in life.
  • Any mistake or wrong decision you took in your professional life.
  • Cloud computing and advantages.
  • Rest Api
  • Distributed computing

Puzzle : 9 ball are there and 1 is lighter ball you have to calculate in 2 chances.
Puzzle: Scooter has 2 tires and a spare tire each has a capacity of 10km max distance it can travel.

Suggestions : Don’t try to fake anything. Confidently speak whatever interviewer is going to ask.

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