Aadhunik Vigyan and team wishing Mr. Himanshu Chouhan for getting offer from Anchanto Software Pvt Ltd. A well reputed Multinational company from NIT Trichy campus. He is sharing his interview experience with us.
“We wishing you the best and plenty of success in your new job! Your hard work will definitely bring you a great fortune!”

I am Himanshu Chouhan, pursuing Master of computer applications from NIT Trichy.
Anchanto came to our campus (NIT Trichy) for Software Developer profile on October 2021.
It consists of mainly 4 rounds : MCQs + Coding + Technical + Technical and HR. Due to pandemic , all rounds were virtual .

Round 1 (Online MCQ Test):

Online Test was conducted on Hackerrank platform. Before the online test practice some questions on the Hackerrank platform. So, that you can be familiar with the environment .
All questions are easy to medium. It consists of 55 MCQ questions for 110 minutes and 15 minutes of login window. There are 2 section one is Quanta and Other contain technical questions on OS, DBMS, Network, Java (20 and 35 questions respectively).

Round 2 (Online Coding Test):

Those who qualified 1st round got link for the 2nd Coding test.

Online Test was conducted on Hackerrank platform. Before the online test practice some questions on the Hackerrank platform. So, that you can be familiar with the environment .
It only consist on 3 coding question( 1 easy and 2 of medium level) and 2 sql query (1 easy and 1 hard level) and given time is 3 hours. You should have a habit practice of all standard questions from GFG related to Data Structures and Algorithms in order to solve these questions easily.

Coding Question:

One is from leetcode of job scheduling: https://leetcode.com/problems/maximum-profit-in-job-scheduling/
Other is from Gfg https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/ways-to-sum-to-n-using-natural-numbers-up-to-k-with-repetitions-allowed/
Third one i don’t remember.

Sql Question:

How to find the product with the maximum discount using SQL on Hackerrank
Other is similar to this : My invoices table has orderId column which is a foreign key referencing orderId primary key column of orders table and orders table has customerId column which references to customerId primary key column of customers table. A customer can have multiple orders but an order has only one invoice.

Suggestions : You should be able to give the best optimised solution as the platform contains hidden test cases for all the questions. Moreover, you can take your time to frame your algorithm as duration of the test is 2hrs.

The one who solved at least 3 coding questions and one sql query got shortlisted.

Round 3 (Technical Round 1):

It was about a 45 minutes talk on hackerrank code pair, questions were basics but he covered all subjects DSA, OS, Network and DBMS. As expected, I started with a self-introduction. Then he started with Network and then move to DSA and then OOPS and then DBMS.

Interviewer also asked questions related to DBMS because i mentioned dbms and DSA is my interest, Interviewer asked some concepts related to Normalization and Indexing. Then he asked me to write two basic queries related to joins, limit and nth highest salary.

From DSA he asked question of Coding Test and one Sudoku puzzle solver(Backtracking) and some other questions related to OS and network mentioned below.

  • What is oops? What is its use?
  • Inheritance and types
  • Constructor destructor
  • Normalization, Indexing, Sharding, etc.
  • Dfs vs bfs
  • What are data structures?
  • Types of data structures
  • Array vs linked list
  • Doubly linked list and example and difference.
  • Merge sort and bubble sort brief.
  • Reverse string(explained two pointer approach)
  • Check palindrome(explained two pointer approach)
  • Some Linux commands
  • Protocols and its types
  • Project
  • Tree vs graph
  • Structure vs class
  • What is algorithm?
  • What is time complexity?
  • Deadlock, starvation, kernel, and their types.

I was able to give almost all questions except one query which i forgot of highest salary query.

Suggestions : It is required to have basic knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms to solve coding question easily. Moreover, interviewer look for confidence and way of delivering the answer . It is highly advisable from my side that stick to GFG’s coding practice sections, puzzles sections and also the core theory section for computer science fundamentals subjects.

Also during the interview try to make conversation with the interviewer. Think out loud and ask hints as well if required.

Round 4 (Technical + HR):

This round is about 45 minutes and taken by one of the senior manager of the company . It consists questions from resume, projects and Technical. Moreover there were some behavioral and situation based questions as well. Started with self introduction. Then some question were asked :

  • Tell me about yourself and About family
  • Strength and weakness
  • Why should we hire you
  • About anchanto
  • Product of anchanto
  • Conflict with you manager and how will you handle it.
  • Project and about internship( brief)
  • Which language you prefer for coding and why?
  • Long term goals
  • Short term goals
  • Challenges faced you in life.
  • Any mistake or wrong decision you took in your professional life.
  • Cloud computing and advantages.
  • Rest Api
  • Distributed computing

Puzzle : 9 ball are there and 1 is lighter ball you have to calculate in 2 chances.
Puzzle: Scooter has 2 tires and a spare tire each has a capacity of 10km max distance it can travel.

Suggestions : Don’t try to fake anything. Confidently speak whatever interviewer is going to ask.

We are discussing about two frameworks in this article and that two frameworks are exquisitely maintained top ranks for some time now and most important they are using very much in 2021, namely react native and flutter. So, the react native is creation of Facebook and which was made open-source in 2015. And, the flutter is released in 2017 and it is created by google. Flutter is portable User Interface toolkit for building natively arrange the apps across mobile, web and desktop from a single codebase. And, react native framework for building native application using react.

  1. Programming language: In programming language react native are used to JavaScript it means it is easier for web developers to transition quickly to react native for mobile app development as set against to Dart.
    But, the flutter is whole new language and the dart is was not used much in the flutter and it is based on Java due to conceptual object oriented support. Also, it has some easy documentation to get you started.
  2. Install Process: Installation Process of react native is easy, you can be installed node package manager (npm) while using MacOS.
    Flutter supports binary download from GitHub for particular platform. In case of MacOS after download the file needs to added as PATH variable.
  3. User Interface: Flutter apps always up-to-date operating system as older version and it also look good. They have only one codebase and the apps look and behave similar across IOS and Android they can imitate the platform design itself.
    React native use native components under the hood should give you confidence after any Operating system UI update your apps component will be immediately improve as well. React native depend heavily on third-party libraries to access most of the native modules.
  4. Sharing Code: Flutter can use same codebase to ship native apps to operating system: IOS, Android, MacOS ,Linux and windows . Flutter can be embedded in Cars, TV and smart home appliances. Existing mobile app allowing flutter apps to be run on desktop.
    React native share code to IOS and Android but there are selected libraries that allow to use the same code to build IOS, Android, web and Window 10 apps. They are allow to developer focus on writing code for particular platform without having any consider similarity with another one.

So, there are so many types of differences in flutter and react native and these are some of the conclusion that come across and sure they are many more but eventually it is all comes down to what you as a developer actually prefer at the end of the day.

In today’s time everyone wants to get a lot of success, wants to grow as soon as possible and everyone is doing something new with their own skills so in all this reliance Jio 5G is launched 5G mobile phone which support its 5G mobile network. All mobile companies are busy in setting up 5G mobile towers in the country at their own space. For some time India is also participate in the trial of 5G through Jio company.

Jio company are working on releasing this Jio 5G phone for along time. Some mobile experts are believed then this mobile has been launched in the market with snapdragon 480 5G SoC processor which is very low cost and the low price of the processor and it is expected that the price of the mobile phones will not be high. South Korea was the first country to adopt 5G on a large scale in April 2019 Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson predicated that 5G internet will cover up to 65% world population by the end of 2025.

Developing 5G connected ambulance that will enable telemedicine and the doctors are connect with the live remote feed and being able to consult the doctors and the direct team of the ambulance . 5G also used in education sector they are enabling interactive AR/VR experiences for student. The report said that within mid-band, millimeter and low-band the 700MHZ band is increasingly become important with 36 auctions or assignments expected in the particular spectrum band by end 2022.

A 5G mobile phone will let you use SIM card with 5G network and if this 5G network are not available in your country so you can use 4G SIM card on 5G smartphones easily. Not, a one particular person or company are invented 5G, but there are several companies with in the mobile ecosystem that are contributing to bringing 5G to life.


Flutter is a open source UI software development kit created by google and released in May 2017.The first version of flutter was known as “Sky” and run on the android operating system. It is used to develop cross platform application for Android, IOS, Mac, Windows and the web from a single codebase. Flutter written in C, C++, dart. Flutter google portable UI toolkit for natively compiled applications for mobile, web and desktop. It allows to create a native mobile application with only one codebase. This means that you can use one programming language and one codebase to create two different application.

Flutter works with existing code and this code are used by developers and organizations around the world and it is free and open source. Flutter is a framework specially designed for the frontend. Flutter is boon that uproot all problems and give the best mobile application development services in the app world. Flutter web is not a SEO friendly and if you plan to base your product marketing on search engine or other web frameworks might provide better results.

To develop with flutter you will use a programming language is called Dart. Thus, language was created by google in October 2011 but it has improved over these past years. I have selected some of the reasons why I appreciate flutter and why I want to use it.

  • Simple to learn and use flutter is modern framework and it’s way simple to create mobile application most attractive and good thing in flutter is that you can create a real native application without a bunch of code.
  • Quick compilation it only takes a short amount of time after you save to update the application itself.
  • It’s cheap a develop mobile application with flutter because you don’t need to create and maintain two mobile application.
  • You can learn lot of thing from flutter’s documentation and everything is very detailed with easy examples for basic use cases.

If you want to start doing some freelance work you should using flutter. In 2021, I believe this technology is going to fulminant and that means a lot of people are going to search for developers.

Windows latest version 2021

Recently Microsoft launch new version of window and we are hoping the new version of window is too good to other windows version. Window 11 ISO download and install 64 bit release date of window 11 is 24th June 2021. Microsoft offers some innovation and they are very interesting for companies.

A private users also benefit for the improvements in the area of security and improved update control. Microsoft has also improved some of the surface and view. Window 11 version has improved, among other things the control of windows update and the handling of update. When the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella are said window 11 at build he said that this is going to be biggest update of window in over decade. Microsoft will likely continue on window as service. So this should be a free upgrade, but also don’t expect this to be confirmed as the last version of window or anything. We will probably get window 12 in a few more year.

Window 10X was supposed to be real next generation of window along with a complete visual overhaul, it had a lot of under the hood change like running all app in container and Microsoft recently announced that it’s dead and lot of feature are being folded into window 11. Window 11 are those device they will finally get supported for 64-bit app emulation. This is something that’s been in testing with insiders for a while. Window11 going to be visually different from window10, and window11 will follow suit with more modern operating system like IOS and Android now. Window11 are support more swipe gestures but more important it should be more consistent with what happen when you tap on something.

After it gets announced the preview is going to go out to window insiders and it should be head to the Beta channel shortly and that also OEMs are going to start for installing on new laptops and desktops. Window11 will probably be available to everyone as a free update.

React native is open source mobile application framework created by Facebook and community. React native are written in objective-c,Java,C++ and python. Different kinds of people are use react native and people are advanced ios developer to they have react beginners and those type of people who get started programming for the first time in their career.

Docs are written for all learners, no matter their experience level or background. It’s based on react Facebook JavaScript library for building user interface. Web developers can now write mobile application that look and feel truly “native”.

React native make it easy to simultaneously developed for both android and ios. Your application will render using real mobile UI components not web views and we will look any other mobile application. React native app can access platform feature like phone, camera or user location. Besides shared react components wrap existing code and interact with native APIs via UI paradigm and JavaScript. You can use react developer tools to debug the react component hierarchy.

React Native built in flow and it will support both Typescript and flow by default. Type Script is language which extends JavaScript by add type definitions. React native application needs to access a native platform. API that is not available by default in JS. Native module system are expose instance of objective-C/C++ classes to JS as JS object and thereby allow to execute arbitrary native code from within JS.

The largest risk in react native is maturity, as the project still relatively young. Android support released in September 2015 and ios support released in march 2015. Some feature of Android and IOS still are not supported the community is still discovering best practices. React native is still young and the usual caution that go along with working new technology are apply here.

COVID-19 Impact

In this Covid-19 pandemic has caused major changes in many industries, and also in IT industry is the major among them. Due to this epidemic, many companies had to face many problems as well as many crises due to which many people lost their jobs. In this situation negative impact are more compared to positive effect.

Effect of Lockdown on IT Sector

In IT industry they have some important weakness is facing now is due to fall in the economy, many companies are asking their employees to work from home keeping in the account of the public health concerns. Due to all this situation there is a massive loss in opportunity for many companies who have international dealers.

This virus has spread all over the world at such a speed due to which many tech conferences had to be cancelled. But these partnerships was a great opportunity for many companies to expand their horizons. A few of the meeting are shifted to teleconference but this won’t have to same reach.

We compared to other industries to IT industry then it has shown that the IT industry is growing more than the rest of the industry. The main reason for increase the economy for this industry because it is increase the demand for software and social media platforms such as WhatsApp video call, zoom, google meet.

All this teleconference software help the people who are quarantine and out of home to stay in touch with their family as well as have conference meeting and work at same time. In this pandemic people are understand the importance of internet and technology.

Due to this coronavirus lot of opportunity are opened up in IT industry. This are help those people to get diagnosed, treated and operated with the need of physician to be physically present and lots of app have been built in the past few month to help achieve this.

Deno and Node

Deno and node in both of them whose are better for learning, let’s see the difference of both of them.

  • Deno are uses rust under the hood but also use V8 engine just like Nodejs.
    In Node.js, you can load CommonJS modules using the require keyword and they all are, standard and third-party, and they implicitly come from npmjs.com
  • Deno are not supported NPM packages and also not support node modules directory, but Deno can load ES modules using the import keyword and explicitly state the URL. As compare to node, Deno are asking for system to executed the code.
    In Nodejs we can use a language JavaScript but in Deno we can use JavaScript and typescript both.
  • Machine Execution in Deno are Tokio, rusty_v8 bindings and other libraries written in Rust.
    In nodejs machine execution are Libuv + other patching libraries maintained by node project.

We can see both the language as a security purpose so Nodejs is that once node app is running it can easily access the file system but in the other hand Deno provide command line flag ‘-allow-net’ to give access to all external permissions for script and Deno are also uses command-line arguments to allow or disable access to different security features.

Deno is a secure runtime for JavaScript and Typescript that is based on the Rust programming language and the deno is created by Ryan Dahl. Two years development deno finally reached version 1.0 in May2020, deno supports all web worker API, Workers can be used to run code on multiple threads.

Deno have a new way to manage module nodejs has a bloated package.json file a lock file, deno has code. In web, deno has no centralized package repository, such as NPM. Instead file are imported where needed and downloaded when they do not exist in the module cache. Six Companies reportedly use deno in their tech stacks, including the lonero foundation, cloudless and SOLID engineer. Deno has mainly features- They are Dependency inspector, Code formatter, Bundling, Runtime type info.

Deno are runtime built on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, the same engine used in Google Chrome. They have internal event loops and provide command-line interfaces for running scripts and a wide range of system utilities. Though deno performs better in the -c100 test, which means deno is doing better than node in a higher traffic network.

Bootstrap is a front-end framework used to create modern websites and web apps. Bootstrap is open-source and free to use,and in this bootstrap we have HTML and CSS templates for UI interface elements. Bootstrap also supports Javascript extensions. Bootstrap has so many versions but recently bootstrap has released a new version is Bootstrap5 alpha. Many important changes have been made in this version. Bootstrap 5 alpha was released in june 2020.

The Bootstrap 5 framework has dropping jQuery in favor of vanilla javascript. It saved 85KB of minified Javascript, which could be significant as google starts to use page speed as a ranking factor for mobile web sites and soon for desktop web sites.Bootstrap team does this because Bootstrap5 also no longer supports Internet Explorer.Besides dropping jQuery, Bootstrap5 also brings some notable feature.

Bootstrap 5 has an updated UI look and feel to focus more on-page content. It has a redesigned and better-looking set of custom form controls. For web sites that make heavy use of icons, the new SVG allow developers to load all icons in a single SVG file and then use them as needed.Bootstrap 5 has also added a new CSS custom properties and in this bootstrap 5 they have also improved customizing docs.