Bootstrap is a front-end framework used to create modern websites and web apps. Bootstrap is open-source and free to use,and in this bootstrap we have HTML and CSS templates for UI interface elements. Bootstrap also supports Javascript extensions. Bootstrap has so many versions but recently bootstrap has released a new version is Bootstrap5 alpha. Many important changes have been made in this version. Bootstrap 5 alpha was released in june 2020.

The Bootstrap 5 framework has dropping jQuery in favor of vanilla javascript. It saved 85KB of minified Javascript, which could be significant as google starts to use page speed as a ranking factor for mobile web sites and soon for desktop web sites.Bootstrap team does this because Bootstrap5 also no longer supports Internet Explorer.Besides dropping jQuery, Bootstrap5 also brings some notable feature.

Bootstrap 5 has an updated UI look and feel to focus more on-page content. It has a redesigned and better-looking set of custom form controls. For web sites that make heavy use of icons, the new SVG allow developers to load all icons in a single SVG file and then use them as needed.Bootstrap 5 has also added a new CSS custom properties and in this bootstrap 5 they have also improved customizing docs.