COVID-19 Impact

In this Covid-19 pandemic has caused major changes in many industries, and also in IT industry is the major among them. Due to this epidemic, many companies had to face many problems as well as many crises due to which many people lost their jobs. In this situation negative impact are more compared to positive effect.

Effect of Lockdown on IT Sector

In IT industry they have some important weakness is facing now is due to fall in the economy, many companies are asking their employees to work from home keeping in the account of the public health concerns. Due to all this situation there is a massive loss in opportunity for many companies who have international dealers.

This virus has spread all over the world at such a speed due to which many tech conferences had to be cancelled. But these partnerships was a great opportunity for many companies to expand their horizons. A few of the meeting are shifted to teleconference but this won’t have to same reach.

We compared to other industries to IT industry then it has shown that the IT industry is growing more than the rest of the industry. The main reason for increase the economy for this industry because it is increase the demand for software and social media platforms such as WhatsApp video call, zoom, google meet.

All this teleconference software help the people who are quarantine and out of home to stay in touch with their family as well as have conference meeting and work at same time. In this pandemic people are understand the importance of internet and technology.

Due to this coronavirus lot of opportunity are opened up in IT industry. This are help those people to get diagnosed, treated and operated with the need of physician to be physically present and lots of app have been built in the past few month to help achieve this.