Deno and Node

Deno and node in both of them whose are better for learning, let’s see the difference of both of them.

  • Deno are uses rust under the hood but also use V8 engine just like Nodejs.
    In Node.js, you can load CommonJS modules using the require keyword and they all are, standard and third-party, and they implicitly come from
  • Deno are not supported NPM packages and also not support node modules directory, but Deno can load ES modules using the import keyword and explicitly state the URL. As compare to node, Deno are asking for system to executed the code.
    In Nodejs we can use a language JavaScript but in Deno we can use JavaScript and typescript both.
  • Machine Execution in Deno are Tokio, rusty_v8 bindings and other libraries written in Rust.
    In nodejs machine execution are Libuv + other patching libraries maintained by node project.

We can see both the language as a security purpose so Nodejs is that once node app is running it can easily access the file system but in the other hand Deno provide command line flag ‘-allow-net’ to give access to all external permissions for script and Deno are also uses command-line arguments to allow or disable access to different security features.

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