We are using AI everywhere in our smartphones we use google assistant, google map as a software . Humans have gone ahead in every field today, Humans have made a lot of progress in many areas.. Humans always keep on creating something new. So humans thought similar to how the human brain works So Why this type not
get created. So humans are developed AI Basically “A” means artificial those developed by humans and “I” Intelligence means power of thinking. AI create and set such programs in it that it can work like the intelligence of humans. Robotics and computers work on the basis on which the human brain works…AI is also known as machine learning. To learn this system on your own from your experience and improve yourself and its first function is to allow the computer to learn by itself. Machine learning focuses on developing computers that can access data and learn from it on their own. Most commonly used Python program for artificial intelligence and machine learning. We think that our future is AI but in the present somewhere we are connected with AI technology and we are using it somewhere.

Siri in iPhone, Alexa, Cortana, google assistant, google map, In automobile section (tesala car) self driving with AI
manufacturing industry, robotics, video games.

Benefits Of AI

  • Reduces error and increases the chances of giving accurate results
  • We Can do the work very fast because of AI
  • With the help of AI we can develop & invent new technology in all the fields

Disadvantage Of AI

  • Humans are the biggest loss due to the arrival of AI .
  • When machines will work on their own and take decisions on their own, it will be very harmful for humans.
  • It has more costly because it is a very complex machine.

Everything which take existence on the earth it contain advantage or disadvantage to itself but its completely
depend upon us how we used it , we have to know the right way which is beneficial for us.

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