Windows latest version 2021

Recently Microsoft launch new version of window and we are hoping the new version of window is too good to other windows version. Window 11 ISO download and install 64 bit release date of window 11 is 24th June 2021. Microsoft offers some innovation and they are very interesting for companies.

A private users also benefit for the improvements in the area of security and improved update control. Microsoft has also improved some of the surface and view. Window 11 version has improved, among other things the control of windows update and the handling of update. When the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella are said window 11 at build he said that this is going to be biggest update of window in over decade. Microsoft will likely continue on window as service. So this should be a free upgrade, but also don’t expect this to be confirmed as the last version of window or anything. We will probably get window 12 in a few more year.

Window 10X was supposed to be real next generation of window along with a complete visual overhaul, it had a lot of under the hood change like running all app in container and Microsoft recently announced that it’s dead and lot of feature are being folded into window 11. Window 11 are those device they will finally get supported for 64-bit app emulation. This is something that’s been in testing with insiders for a while. Window11 going to be visually different from window10, and window11 will follow suit with more modern operating system like IOS and Android now. Window11 are support more swipe gestures but more important it should be more consistent with what happen when you tap on something.

After it gets announced the preview is going to go out to window insiders and it should be head to the Beta channel shortly and that also OEMs are going to start for installing on new laptops and desktops. Window11 will probably be available to everyone as a free update.

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