React native is open source mobile application framework created by Facebook and community. React native are written in objective-c,Java,C++ and python. Different kinds of people are use react native and people are advanced ios developer to they have react beginners and those type of people who get started programming for the first time in their career.

Docs are written for all learners, no matter their experience level or background. It’s based on react Facebook JavaScript library for building user interface. Web developers can now write mobile application that look and feel truly “native”.

React native make it easy to simultaneously developed for both android and ios. Your application will render using real mobile UI components not web views and we will look any other mobile application. React native app can access platform feature like phone, camera or user location. Besides shared react components wrap existing code and interact with native APIs via UI paradigm and JavaScript. You can use react developer tools to debug the react component hierarchy.

React Native built in flow and it will support both Typescript and flow by default. Type Script is language which extends JavaScript by add type definitions. React native application needs to access a native platform. API that is not available by default in JS. Native module system are expose instance of objective-C/C++ classes to JS as JS object and thereby allow to execute arbitrary native code from within JS.

The largest risk in react native is maturity, as the project still relatively young. Android support released in September 2015 and ios support released in march 2015. Some feature of Android and IOS still are not supported the community is still discovering best practices. React native is still young and the usual caution that go along with working new technology are apply here.

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